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Experience Powerful, Easy-to-Use Tools

Find ideas and place your trades with intuitive, easy-to-use trading tools including:

TradeBuilder | Stock/ETF Finder | Volatility Finder | Portfolio Hedger | Trade Analyze

1. Advanced order entry capabilities including trailing stops and contingency orders
2. Complex option strategies including multi-leg combinations for both qualified and non-qualified accounts

Our Option Chain Features:

  • Covered calls
  • Spreads
  • Straddles
  • Butterflies
  • Condors
  • Multi-leg combinations



Find Trading & Investing Ideas with the New TradeBuilder

Portfolio Hedger

With Portfolio Hedger, you can find and rank up to 5 different hedge ideas which may provide, pound for pound, the desired protection for your equity portfolio, stock, or EFT position.


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Some traders prefer the online trading experience; some prefer the customized solutions of a full service broker. MLN Brokerage Services bridges the gap between these two preferences by offering a top rated online trading system and a very special brand of personal guidance and service.

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